This heat is killing us! Its causing all kinds of problems with our equipment from refrigerators and freezers to our new AC units in the dining rooms. But the kitchen heat is the worst. It must have been over 100 degrees in there. We barely made it through the MOST Gala this year. Pook's balloons collapsed and we had to get a new tank of liquid nitrogen three hours before service to make a new batch. It was too hectic for me!

So after all this Pook and I decided to call Charles Heating to take a look at the kitchen to see how they can improve the working temperature. We need it at least 15-20 degrees cooler in there. We also need to fix the air circulation in the dish room. My poor dish jockeys are dying in there.

This is going to be an expensive year for Pook and I. We did some decor updates before my kid's wedding  and now we are looking at some back of the house maintenance and upgrades that need to be done. My sous chef Neal and I agreed we should expand our walk-in cooler and install a walk-in freezer. We have such limited space, I wish we had an extra 300-500 sq ft. We will start drawing up plans this week.

Okay enough about that. Lets get to some food.

We have a great supply of Florida shrimp and our supplier in Boston is sending us baby squid, Blue Fin tuna and a few different cuts of Kobe beef. We have been getting good stuff from this company but I wish we could get the same selection from our bigger suppliers.

We are gearing up for fall. All the staff is looking forward to the new school year, Lion King coming to town and the reopening of our Landmark Theater. We are all wishing for a busy fall.

Your Chef,