As you guys know we order our oysters from JP Seafood. They are the only ones that are really serious about what they are selling. They care about the environment and the cleanliness of their product. But most of all their quality is always the best!

Our oyster sales are up almost 40% and so far we have been very happy with them. However, a few weeks ago we found our selves in a funny situation. Our standing order has been three small boxes (180 oysters). They sent us three large boxes (300 oysters) and shipped it twice... so there we where in an Oyster Crisis!

So how do you sell 600 oysters in the time you usually sell 180??? We knocked the price in half and started call people. The news spread all over Armory Square. Our good friends the Hanford family came in with a large group and ordered dozen after dozen. Mike from the Blue Tusk and Adam from Empire Brewery also came in with some friends. Our good friend and long time customer Mr. Jacobson ate four dozen himself on Thursday night! We ran the special from Thursday lunch through Friday lunch and sold 450 oysters, leaving us with 150 just in time for the weekend!

We would like to thank everyone who came in and helped us out. We had such a great time with everyone we have decided to make this a bi-annual event. We will have an "Oyster Crisis" in January and July every year. We will kick it off with 200 dozen oysters and see how it goes. We hope to see you all there!

Your Chef,