Hi Everybody,

I must tell you about this year's Graduation War.

It has been awhile I have put over 80 hours in the kitchen for a single week, along with our new chefs, John and Ing. Both worked a combination of over 150 hours. My oyster and cold line chef Mang, who barely speaks English, was standing shoulder to shoulder for the whole week and has been my best buddy. Neal, my Sous Chef, had everything ordered and all sauces done earlier. Our Graduation Menu changes every year so the estimation on some of our proteins were really off. Thanks to Sam's Club for their wild caught colossal shrimps. We cleared their whole shelf out on Sunday morning. Our Sous Pastry Chef Sone was very strong, not even a single complain from her during this War. She soloed the whole station with just a pat on her back from everybody as needed. The most important staff in the kitchen is the dish jockey team, very best I have seen so far.

Our management did a fantastic job, my front captains, my hosts, Briana - my party coordinator, my senior staff, bartenders, and especially those hard working bus boys who put up great shows for the whole week. Billy and Ploy really dedicated a lot of hours to have missions completed.

Pook and I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. Without all of you I may win a couple of battles but not going to win this war.

For the next 2 weeks, you will see adjustments on the menu. I will tweak them left and right to make sure our staffs feel comfortable with all the "usuals." The stations are divided, the new chefs will be in place this week. New creations will keep growing. New York State seasonal supplies will keep coming to our door.

And now let this summer begins.

Your Chef,