Hi All,

After disappearing for almost 3 years, I’m back. Allow me to tell you where I have been, as most of you know we purchased the old Onondaga Music Building and we have turned them into 21 apartments plus one clothing store. We made a lot of friends over the new project. We rented them all out currently but please keep checking in with us to see if there is any availability or put your name on our  wait list. 

What to follow after all, we still have space left more than 9300 sq ft including our parking lot on Walton Street. We decided to fill in the gap we have been craving for “banquet facility”.

Our new facility will fill the gap for the Grass. The new company is Citronelle, now our food not limit only Southeast Asia or Pacific Rim alone. We will take care of all “New American Cuisine” which will give us good flexibility to serve you what I like, plus a great bar to service at our 60ft long and 82” 4K television plus 3 more of 120” projectors and screens for every single party room or you can televise on 4 of them at the same time. This pot of stew is getting better and better, we can’t wait to see our new atrium over the new space so we can all party in summer under Syracuse’s sun without any dust and good air condition. Still plenty to talk about Citronelle.

One important issue I really missed was my food at the Grass, first thing in January I will return to my kitchen to reinvent new Grass’ menu and of course finish up Citronelle first menu, retrain all the staff. I have 4months plus to finish these tasks, sure enough you will hear from me more.

Miss you all.

Your chef,


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