Last week I went to see my little one Danielle in Chicago. She and Kevin bought all of us tickets to the restaurant "Next." Yes, you heard that right, tickets to get in! Every three months the Chef prepares a new menu and sells tickets for it. The current menu is "Present Thai." I believe the last one was "1906 French."

This perhaps may be the hottest restaurant in America right now. We got a kitchen table so we could see what was going on. I can't believe that the executive chef is from Syracuse, New York. Dave is his name, he is such a great chef, manager, and he's not afraid to try something new!

Considering he only had a month to study Thai food before debuting this menu I think he did a great job. He did Thai food "his way" which was smart. In a month no one would be able to conquer true authentic Thai flavors. I was so thankful that I got to pick his brain a little bit so I could understand his full vision. Congratulations brave Dave!

I am working on our new fall menu, I want to continue to do "My food, My way." As I have mentioned before, since we opened on July 20th 1994 we have not sold straight Thai food, it has always been Pacific Rim with a Thai accent and a Max twist! We will try to push further from the basic Thai concept, keeping it fresh and fun.

Your Chef,