Happy New Year!

It looks like I am fading out from blogging, actually not. The Grass has been very busy. We broke all kinds of records for the past four months. Normally a well established restaurant like the Grass and our Elephant should average out about a 5% increase yearly. Since 2003 we have averaged an 8% increase per year. We would like to thank all of our customers with out each and everyone of you we would not be this good!

Let's talk about the restaurant trend. From 2009 -2011 blending between East - West was very big. Asian chef's blended classic French in to Asian, French-American blended Asian into their cuisine. The success of a business is measured by how well change is received by their patrons. Most likely they tried to play around in the Pacific-Rim area, such as Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian. A very small portion went to the Middle East, only a few tapped into India.

Let's talk about Indian food. Most likely we are all familiar with the Americanized version. I believe the very next challenge for chefs from around the world is to find the right blend to enter India and the Middle East. Thousands of unknown spices, hundreds of very interesting herbs, and combinations of flavors that most of us have never tasted before will soon be unfolded.

I am looking forward to introducing you all to my spin on classic Indian flavors. We have dabbled with them before but this year is the year we take it to the next level.

We will tell you more on the next blog.

Your Chef,