Menu Update*** Last week we replaced our Pear Salad with our new Baby Romaine & Maytag Blue Salad with Berkshire Bacon. This week Neal also made Roasted Red Pepper Soup for our seasonal soup special. I will add fava bean and young leeks to the menu where I can to celebrate the arrival of spring.

We will offer a new product such as sliced boneless short rib from Boston Butcher's House, fresh baby squid a la plancha with your choice of sauce, and also Florida Shrimp will be back in a week or two. Still waiting on soft shell crab, rams and fiddle head ferns. And the new season of Halibut just has begun. Spring has officially started!

Still in the works is our lunch menu. We will try to blend the seasonal changes in to lunch with an inexpensive, but chic menu. A few ideas we are working on are Pappardelle with briefly chopped beef in Madras curry over a fresh spring salad and sambal vinaigrette, and also a Thai crab cake with Kobe pork, cilantro and siracha sauce. The Pappardelle is almost there but the crab cake still needs more work.

The last few months have been very busy but from now until the end of May is the busiest time of year for me.

Thanks for supporting all of us.

Your Chef,