Hello there!

Following up from Max's introduction, my name is Alyssa, and I have been working with the wonderful Lemon Grass team for just about two months now. After studying hotel, restaurant and tourism management at SUNY Plattsburgh, I must say I honestly never saw myself choosing a career path in the restaurant industry. I just didn't think it was for me. However, to my surprise, I have been enjoying (almost) every minute of my time here, and I am eager to continue to work under Max & Pook and further my knowledge in restaurant management.

Along with my background in hospitality management, I also majored in journalism and minored in business. I spent most of my spare time at SUNY Plattsburgh managing the school's collegiate newspaper and writing for the local daily. I therefore gained a great deal of experience in writing and communications and a passion for interacting with and meeting new people. This position has been a great match for me, as it has given me the opportunity to put my different skill sets to work.

And, of course, there's always fun to be had when you're working under someone who has quite the reputation in wine management and selection. I must say, and Max will surely get a kick out of this admission, I'm enjoying my wine education the most thus far (like mother, like daughter, I suppose!). A piece of me has always wanted to own and operate a winery of my own. Maybe one day, but until then I have found a home working with some of the best and continuing to further my knowledge of fine dining management. I invite you to join me on this journey, as any feedback our guests provide will allow us to better our overall goal of meeting your utmost expectations!

Alyssa or, as Max prefers, Liss


"Ploy, like emPLOYee," that's the way i oftentimes introduce myself to people. It's quite a unique name, but a very common one for Thai girls. Three years ago I came to the States for my master's degree in International Relations at Maxwell School. My original plan was 16 months with a goal of becoming a mediator in a war zone (Yes, I'm serious! All I have ever wanted is to help better this world). I got an offer in DC after I graduated, but I turned it down (Idealistic? Young? Too confident? ... maybe). For personal reasons, I stayed in Syracuse. It was probably the toughest time I have ever had in my entire life because I used to get what I want when I want (I always can earn it somehow), but a career goal in Syracuse was a different story, no matter how hard I tried. One professor even said I should write a book about my life here and sell it instead!

Two months ago, through a friend of my husband, I got to meet Max. We had quite a long talk/ interview. I never worked in a restaurant. i can cook and clean ... my mom had a homemade bakery at one point, I told Max. I think he was unsure of me since he talked to me about my decision with this place quite a lot on the beginning. Maybe he still is ... oh well. I call him and his wife "R" (in Thai this means uncle/aunt), not because he told me so but simply because I feel so. As Mom often complains, no one can tell me to do anything!) And I think that's why I now feel like this is my family restaurant that i want to cherish. I love being active, and I don't mind hard work. I'm now, but I believe I can be a good Operations Manager. I'd love to learn more, hear your advice and listen to people's opinions. I want to be better (the best in a little while - hah!), that's my goal as of right now. Looking forward to spending time with you!

With hope,