Hi Everybody,

My past three days have been fantastic! I visited two remarkable places that I have to talk about.

I went to a ramen place, and I attached their website onto the blog. We went their at 4pm, and with only a little wait we were all set to sit next to each other. Just 4 minutes later the place was packed again and a line had formed. Like most good places, it was small, but this one sat close to 18 people at a time. The broth was a different style, and the condiment was pickled ginger with finely chopped, spicy pickled kale. I have to say, it was one of the best bowls of noodles I have had in my life.

Please read more on the website that we have provided: http://whiteonricecouple.com/travel/tonkotsu-kyushu-ramen

The second place I want to talk about was a Japanese BBQ. Last night we went out just try try to learn the culture of dining. We passed hundreds of restaurants on a 30 minute walk. I have learned a great deal about how these restaurants really work with this type of demographic. At the end of that half hour, I spotted a place deep in an alley way. It was a small whole in the wall. Do not bother to ask me what it is called. It has 16 seats at the most. They have about six mini hoods over their small tables with real charcoal burners.

We tried to look at the menu, but of course, no English! My kid looked at me like, "Daddy, do your chef's trick, then." So, i walked up to the chef , and after 5 minutes we became best friends just through body language. I found out that they have only beef and pork. With my finger on my belly, he gave me pork belly! We also had beef cheeks, beef belly, and by sticking out my tongue he gave me beef tongue! We had tripe, sirloin, pork loin and more!

All of the meat came with different sauces. this was just one of the most remarkable meals. The quality of the meat was far beyond superior. It came close to Kobe quality.

I still have more things to talk about, like the Isetan food court, but I'll save that for the next blog!

Your chef,