Hello, Everyone. I’m Ploy- I introduced myself when I just started working here. Having gained Chef Max’s trust throughout these past two years as well as gained a ton of experience, I guess I just got promoted – I can contribute to the Lemon Grass blog!

Among other tasks, I am responsible for cocktails, spirits and beers at the Lemon Elephant (borrowing from the Bill Horrace Band, “Lemon Elefant” who plays here every other Friday on the Elephant side. Come check them and other bands out on a weekend night!

Back to the blog, all suggestions and feedback especially with our spirit and beer selection are most welcome! My email is lemongrasspc@gmail.com Now you can tell me what drinks make you say “YES, I love this” or “Meh...” or even “Yikes!”, I want to hear all about it, please.

Talk to you soon!

Ploy – say it like “em-PLOY-ee”