Hi Everybody,

It has been more than a year I was away from all my fans. A lot of my buddies keep teasing me and start to call me a quitter. Well, I'm back with several stories to tell.

Starting from a good excuse, on the second of February, 2013, we designed to expand our investment by putting an offer to purchase the Onondaga Music Building next door which were homes of our good friends "Vinyl" and "Daisy Duke's" - or "the Duke's" as I call. We closed that deal in August. So far the building is home of our equipments and we may sit on them that way for a couple of years. We will let you know on what will be our next moves.

Let's talk about food for this season.

The Grass changed to our Spring menu three weeks ago. We understand this winter isn't that friendly. We are so afraid to make a move too early, shamelessly we did it anyway. Started with savory side, two weeks ago, strawberries from California are now on our Strawberry Salad with Goat Cheese. Today we may get different strawberries, they are small and deep in flavor. I hope to have ones like in Japan or France by Tuesday the twenty-fifth. With Pook's help we'd like to get strawberry shortcake out by this week. Sure enough this is just for special hand-sell only. Please follow us on Facebook for details on how we are going to deconstruct them.

We are also increasing our raw and semi-raw section by adding our salmon with avocado over lemon mustard sauce, and Tuna Tataki with shredded Persian cucumber, citrus dressing and scallion ginger sesame puree. Both items are on the menu now. Adding this week is Mango and Lobster Salad with watercress and mango vanilla vinaigrette. Whole lobsters will be here on the same day. As mentioned above, you will receive lobster on a half shell, all cleaned. The lobster dish is finished with toasted macadamia and roasted sweet coconut flakes which we are still working on it.

Let's talk about entrees. Our Massaman Curry and Green Curry are the best-selling curries now. We have to unveil the truth that both are number one and two best-selling curries in the world, with the correct cooking method, there will not be any question. 

So far please enjoy what we were and are offering this week, I promise all of you this is just to start the season.

Your Chef,