Hi Everybody,

I am now paying my dues after close to 6 1/2 weeks away from my office. All the work has piled up over my head. Vince, my new Chef de Cuisine, is doing well. He's been trying to put this kitchen to work the way it belongs, and he did it on time with the new season starting.

Since we're talking about Vince, I may have to say something about this guy. When we first interviewed him (actually, we did interview him a first, second and third time) we wanted him to be our Bistro chef, but he went way beyond that point, and he deserved a promotion.

The truth is, he doesn't just have great skills in the kitchen, but his cooking skills and flavor profile both are very good. He created 6-7 new dishes for our menu, plus a daily special in the Bistro. His Bistro sale is getting better and better every day.

I am working on a new menu for both lunch and dinner. Part of it is based on new preparation on Bistro protein and on different flavor profiles. Some of them are on the lunch menu now. The rest will be on the dinner menu next week. Curries seem to be dishes that I really worry about more than anything else. As a chef, I think we went too far for the past several years allowing customers to apply any protein with their curry selection. This created a situation where some of the protein should not have been served without the right cooking method. From now on, the Grass will be more serious with its curries. Our curry will be beyond basic. I hope you will enjoy our creations in this section.

Your serious chef,