Hi Everybody,

After I have tried so hard to get my blog on for at least 3-4 more articles, my assistant suggested they were too heavy. They were not fun anymore. Alright, let's do it again then.

We have posted our last blog a long while ago, so I will catch up to all of you.

Staff, we have changed most of our new staff from last year. The last one leaving us for her own good is Alyssa, she will continue to start her career in NYC in May. She will be missed, especially our sales team. We all wish her well. Now, I have to take a small management job too, not just designing and inventing food alone.

Well, for the food, we started to play with fresh and ripe mangoes. So far we are using Champagne Mango which has less fiber. It can be super smooth and sweet. You can see fresh ripe mangoes on our lunch and dinner menus.

Burrata cheese is on! I have adjusted them along with mango, chili/peach preserved compote and minced pistachio. Indian mango dressing accompanies all individual green leaves and shaved fennel.

Again with the same cheese, we all understand mango will leave this stage in 2 months tops. For sure, we still admire Burrata cheese and we want the cheese to stay over this summer. I have talked to Neal, my Sous Chef, to develop tangy roasted sweet pepper soup to contrast with super creamy touch on your tongue of the cheese. We all came up with the soup that made a transition of the seasons, from winter to spring by using avocado salsa as a bond. We sold plenty of them for preview.

Artichoke is coming. Neal is also developing a soup of puree choke with Frangelico or hazelnut liqueur. My idea is to get the flavor of the choke and the sweetness of liqueur with further crunch of toasted hazelnut for an exchange of texture. We are trying to make a choke chip. You should get some preview by next week.

Moreover, we are in progress of shrimp dumpling in wonton shell with chili, garlic, black bean, chili oil and shredded young leek. This will take 2 more weeks.

Soft shell crab is also in. We got 3 dozens of them last Friday and they are already sold out. We will have more coming in this week. For sure, we use our sherry wine batter and flash fry them. The sauce will be the same one as it used to be for the past 20 years. Kow Soy version will be available for entree as well.

The last one for today, we have added an extra curry on, just sauteed, no coconut milk, spicy, with roasted sweet coconut flakes, baby Chinese long beans and a lot of lime leaves. For Prig Pow fans, we have added Prig Pow sauce into this Red Curry to create a dimension on your palate. I hope you will enjoy this new curry. Oh, it is called Prig Khing Curry. I'm sorry this is spicy with no way to tone it down. It has the same attitude as our Green Curry.

Thanks for your patience and I wish to please you more as the season proceeds.


Your chef,